Dutch Air Ambulance B.V. is a partnership between the Dutch Medical Group and medical specialists with vast experience in the field of air travel medicine.

The mission of the Dutch Air Ambulance is to repatriate patients in a medically responsible manner whereby the highest possible standards of air travel medicine are applied at responsible prices. Physical and, sometimes, mental limitations demand intricate logistical adaptations in normal air traffic. Commercial airlines are not always able to provide this service. By working with permanent teams, modern medical apparatus, and modern aeroplanes, we reduce the risks associated with medical air travel. Our planes are fitted with all medical apparatus based on IC standards. Furthermore, upon request it is possible to provide any medical specialist treatment to give the patient the best possible care. Examples include cardiology, anaesthetics, and neonatology, in which a cardiologist, anaesthetist, intensive care specialist, neonatologist, or paediatrician is on board to provide care.

If you have good travel and health insurance cover, the costs of repatriation are refunded. To this end, you should always contact your insurance company or alarm centre in advance. Of course, you can also pay for a private assignment. Our international rates are highly competitive.