Wereldwijde medische hulpverlening

24/7 help

You are taken ill abroad and admitted to hospital. You are operated abroad and still have to convalesce. Actually, you would prefer to recover in The Netherlands, near your relatives and friends, in an environment where you can make yourself understood, and with care of a familiar level. Road transport by ambulance is not possible or is medically irresponsible.

It is also possible that you want to be with friends or relatives abroad, but you cannot fly with a scheduled flight because you are no longer mobile.We offer you the solution of your choice and bring you to your familiar environment.



Dutch Air Ambulance B.V. is a partnership between the Dutch Medical Group and medical specialists with vast experience in the field of air travel medicine.

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Medical teams

Ambulance air travel is divided up into three levels of care.

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Applying for work with broeder de Vries Dutch Medical Service

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